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What Matters to Us - Our Values

What Matters to Us - Our Values
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Our team and product offering have grown a lot over the last ten decades, however our core values remain the same: ‘Bringing people together’ underpins everything we do.

We worked as a team to come up with our company values to ensure we are aligned to achieving the same goals. These values allow us to shape our company culture and vision for the future.


We recognise that we are all unique pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Each one of us has different sticky-outy bits; the quirky bits that make us who we are, but you can’t complete the Gibsons puzzle without every one of us. We understand you need to be valued for who you are, and that who you are is more than just your job.


We have over 100 years of experience and are proud of our heritage, but we are excited about our changing future. In our team, you’ll find passion, excitement and a determination to bring joy with our puzzles and games to our customers across the world.


Being part of the Gibsons Gang means working hard and facing the challenges; we keep shuffling the cards until we find an ace solution.


"Bringing people together" is at the heart of Gibsons. We’d probably argue that you can’t even play Solitaire well on your own. Making time to help someone else matters to us. Sharing our skills and knowledge makes us stronger and keeps us in learning mode.

Trust and fair play

We know a fair bit about playing by the rules, but we also rely a lot on our gut; that voice inside you that tells you what’s right. The old saying ‘treat people as you would like to be treated’ means a lot to us and we love to work with people who are open and honest.


We understand that profit on its own just isn’t enough. We are committed to making a positive change within our community, whether that’s supporting local charities, ensuring we prioritise workers’ rights, or improving our environmental footprint through our Green Game Plan. We are determined to make a difference.


We have also created a ‘Team Charter’ and as a team we agree to:

  • Be ‘sponges’; to be open to learning and always look for solutions
  • Be curious, ask questions and step outside our comfort zone
  • Celebrate the things we do together and individually; the big, the small and everything in-between
  • When it comes to the tricky stuff, have direct, adult-to-adult conversations with each other
  • Consider our own impact on others
  • Be constructive (not critical). Mistakes are a learning experience
  • Make time to check-in on each other and be mindful and tolerant; always consider the person behind the job
  • Reach out and be inspired by each other – solutions are out there
  • If we can’t do great things, we’ll do little things in a great way!
  • Make our work enjoyable and we don’t forget to play

…there’s not much that can’t be sorted out with a cup of tea, a pork pie or a slice of cake!


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