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Kingmaker: The Royal Relaunch

Kingmaker: The Royal Relaunch
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The wait is finally over!

After many months of preparation, trials and tests, all of us at Gibsons are very excited to announce that our Kingmaker: The Royal Re-launch is now available to purchase on we website. In addition, you can also purchase your copy of Kingmaker on our Amazon storefront.

This nostalgic strategy game full of unforeseen events features the two new gameplay modes for more deception, fun and strategy for the crown. You can reminisce on Kingmaker Classic which contains the original game by original founder and creator Andrew McNeil.

The celebration of a new era, a new King has been crowned and now the dawning of a new monarchy has begun. A exciting board game full of manipulation, deception and strategy. 

Due to the success of a crowdfunded campaign on Kickstarter, we were able to reach and even doubled our goal in less then 22 hours..

About the Game

This popular tabletop game revolves around the powerful Noble families and the Lancastrian and Yorkist Prince to play as pawns in the greater game to control all of England. A game of political and military power in combination with strategic alliance to take over sections of England.

Featuring the Kingmaker Classic where to win, you must defeat and eliminate all your rivals to claim the throne and all of England. The objective is to the last one standing, the solo winner of the game. With the addition of two new gameplays; Kingmaker Extended Classic consists of event cards and crown decks containing unforeseen events and setbacks, and two 6-sided dice to determine if the Nobles or the Royals live or die. The Solo Challenge, is for those who wants to try their hand at solitary fun and gameplay. 

Don't understand the game?

If you are a beginner, here is a preview video to help.
In collaboration with Dicetower, they have created short introduction video which teaches you the baseline of the game, and also what cards and game moves you should and shouldn't do.

Here is a preview video by Ella Ampongan at Diectower to help: 


Behind the artist who remastered Kingmaker

Want to learn more about the game from the man behind the relaunch? Dicetower interviews Alan Paul on their live 'At The Table', where they talk about the processes and thoughts on the remastered version of Kingmaker

A big thank you to all who contributed

Tabletop Gaming Magazine
WargamerInfluencers and Content Creators who collaborated with us


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Lorford Games Gallery
Lion Rampant
Jedko Games
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